the beginning by Bora Jung

i don’t know how to start this post! i have a few other drafts, but i wanted to write about the foundation of my blog, or i guess what i will be using as a guiding light. cait flanders’ “HOW I SLOWLY GREW MY BLOG MY OWN WAY” was one of the best blog posts i’ve read in a while when she published it about two months ago. i saved it as a draft in my gmail titled “best blog post” so that i could come back to it when i would start writing for my blog.

all of her points hit home, but some things that really stuck with me were write what feels natural (not what will perform well), put people over profit, and always be gracious + grateful. it might be weird to talk about someone else’s blog post in one’s first blog post, but i think it’s really important for me to write down how i want to go about with this blog. does that even make sense?

write what feels natural. there are going to be some weird posts on this blog because i’m a weird girl. probably some BTS-related posts (they’re literally the best), as well as other random things that might not appeal to a majority of people. but i’m ok with this because this blog is something i want to turn to in the future if i want to see what was on my mind/what i was in love with/what i was thinking about in a particular time of my life. i sometimes look at the tumblr i kept from 2012-early 2017, and it’s so interesting to see how i grew as a person, whether it was my faith, or my taste in photography and interiors, or just what i liked enough to repost. and i hope that’s what this blog can be – a diary i can look back at, but also a platform where i could share my thoughts/interests/etc with people who might also have similar interests or just want to see what a 24 year old korean-american in nyc is up to.

put people over profit. okay honestly, i don’t think this blog will ever be a source of income, and that’s totally fine with me. clearly i’m not doing it to make money. who knows if anyone will even read it! but for that 1 person or 5 people who do read it, i want it to be a pleasant experience for them (you!). cait talks about how she doesn’t put ads on her page (in turn, opting out of thousands of dollars) because she always tries to put herself in the shoes of the reader. do i like being interrupted by ads when i’m browsing a blog? no hecking way (i think i just made that word up). which is why i shouldn’t and will not put ads on mine. she said do what feels good, and that’s what feels good to me.

always be gracious + grateful. she was speaking of how when blogs grow, the writers’ egos grow with them. like i mentioned before, i don’t think this blog will ever grow to the point that my ego would grow, but i think this point is something i should remember every day of my life. there is always something to be grateful for, and there is always grace you can be showing to someone else (though this is very very very hard sometimes). “I think blogging with zero expectations of what kind of response you’ll get from others is what helps you stay humble and so appreciative of whatever does come your way. As for me, I’m just over here documenting my life and all the experiments I’ve done in the past seven years, and feeling extremely grateful for everyone who has been interested enough to read, say hi and share it with others.” ugh, i cannot begin to describe how much i love cait…

cait, thank you for sharing your experiences and life lessons with us. i really appreciate you, your honesty, and your integrity.

and thank YOU (if there is a you), for sharing a moment on this grace-filled journey! here’s to the beginning of this blog 

xo, bora